About Sonnah Belo

NYC based Talent Manager, Creative Director, and Model

Jassonah (aka Sonnah Belo) makes it known that it took some time for her to really understand her purpose on this earth. Growing up with a lot of talented influences around including her closest family members who produced music, rapped, and danced; she began to develop dreams to become a successful entertainer. At the age of 18 she knew entertaining was not what she was put on earth to do.

“At one point I really did want to be a star, but I knew that my purpose was something bigger than just being a star. My purpose is to give back. I had to find a way to take my passion for fashion, music, and other arts and combine that with giving back.”

With that idea and years of experience in the industry as a model and talent consultant, she had an idea of where her true talents could flourish.

“It’s hard for a true artist to flourish when you're involved in such a corrupt industry. There are so many talented, artistic, and passionate young women and men. These cultivated prospects really have culture shifting potential. I am moved by the possibility of contributing to the success of these individuals. I believe dreams do come true.”

Now at 21 years old, Sonnah Belo is working to use her skilled abilities to provide guidance for women and men in the world of fashion, music, and even everyday life. She uses her brand Belo Legend as the face of this concept.

Stay tuned.